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With a particular strength in agricultural marketing, Breadbox Marketing was approached by the team at Golden Eggs to help with a messaging issue and a dated brand image. Through market research, it was found that consumers were seeing Golden Eggs as a caged egg supplier despite their extended product range into barn laid eggs and free range eggs.


This perception siloed their brand and with a logo/brand image that hadn’t been reviewed in over 20 years, it was time to give it some attention. The first step for Golden Eggs was a strategic brand positioning which saw the strategic and creative teams at Breadbox Marketing research and plan the brand’s future. The result of the strategic work was very enlightening and gave the team a way forward – it was all about setting the highest standards.


Breadbox positioned Golden Eggs as the egg company doing the right thing and saw an opportunity for the company to educate consumers about the industry as a whole while also taking ownership of good practice. The extended research phase of the process revealed that customers were confused in this space and were even experiencing anxiety around egg choice, therefore the need for a brand to lead education was paramount.


Following the market/consumer research and the brand positioning work, the creative team at Breadbox Marketing took to the tools to deliver the following:

  • Refreshing logo design options
  • Packaging options
  • Extended branded imagery
  • PR strategies
  • Key messages for the brand


As the company and the brand moved forward with a considered strategy, Golden Eggs and Breadbox Marketing relaunched the brand to consumers. Cementing the creative expression for the brand meant that the team rolled out a new Golden Eggs with a marketing and media plan that talked directly to consumers and start advocating for an industry that is demanding the highest standards.

Website: http://www.knowyoureggs.com.au

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