Breadbox Marketing was founded in 2007 by experienced, strategic planner Emma Potter.


Having worked in strategic marketing agencies in Sydney and then Perth for large clients such as Johnson & Johnson, NEC, Smithkline Beecham, RAC, Variety WA and many more, Emma made the decision to launch her own agency to help support businesses and organisations of all sizes develop a rewarding long term strategy on which their brand can grow.


Driven by Emma’s deeply held belief that strategy should underpin all marketing communications, Emma set out to create a stronger, more seamless connection between strategy, creativity,  production and PR by providing more structured planning and integrated execution.


Emma uses an insight driven process to explore and identify how customers feel, think and act towards brands. The result is a blend of data, research and emotional intelligence that distills a large amount of information into a marketable message.


Today, Breadbox Marketing and PR exists to help businesses large and small to connect with their customers and community, so they can create a sustainable future in an ever changing marketplace.

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