This is where our passion for design becomes three dimensional. The space in which we work, live, and/or play needs to reflect its intention – but there is also the opportunity to have it reflect a personal style and evoke a flow of energy. Breadbox Interiors, founded in 2012 by Emma Potter, was developed with this ethos in mind. Drawing on Breadbox trademark creativity, and unique vision, Breadbox Interiors exists to create that space we all dream about.



It is the finishing touches that make a house a home; the walls hold the space together, but it is the warmth of the residents individual style that makes our home feel uniquely ours..


Turning a house into a home is is about tapping into a client’s vision for their dream home , to create a 2D design that becomes the structure for the clients three dimensional dream space.


Our talented team are perfectionists in interior styling and always work with a collaborative approach to bring dream kitchen designs, bedroom designs and home spaces into reality. We want to know our clients and understand their vision; “What experiences do you want to have in the space?” “What will the completed space mean to you?” It is our aim is to leave you with a space that has a harmonious feeling, a balanced style, and a unique personality.



It’s all in the detail, with the aim of creating an emotional connection with the buyer, and an opportunity to stage the potential of a house. When people walk through the door, they need to be able to envision their lives and futures in their new home. With our background in strategic thinking and marketing endeavours, we approach this area of interior design through the eyes of a clearly defined target market. From this point, we are able to design an interior that not only entices the perfect buyer, but that demands attention and stands-out in even the most saturated market.



The design of an office space can really impact productivity and overall mood in the workplace. An office design has an opportunity to reflect a company’s personality, brand, and values – it is the ultimate form of marketing. Using our signature strategic approach, the team at Breadbox work to create a space that is truly reflective of the staff, the industry, the output, and the culture of each company we work with.


Careful consideration is given to each area and how the space is used; one area may be a bustling creative hub for sharing ideas, while another area may require privacy for confidential client meetings. We work to a brief and understand that each work place is unique.