AdWords management, PPC, optimised campaign – this industry jargon can be overwhelming for any business owner, but as with other online marketing activities, the key is professional, strategic preparation.


A ‘hide and seek’ approach to online product presence is not acceptable. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), often called pay-per-click or paid search advertising, is a quick and effective way to be at the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other top search engine results. This means that when someone types in certain phrases and keywords, the mass of web content is refined so that the products and services that they are looking for can be found with ease.


Simply put, you bid for the top position of google and the other search engines and pay for each click through to your website.


Similar to other online marketing activities, it is imperative to be research informed, prepared and to continue monitoring the effectiveness of an online campaign. This ensures that we are targeting the correct key words and bidding the right amount to get that coveted peak position without overspending.


We will help you to set up SEM correctly and thoughtfully, to ensure your online ads are on-brand and result in online lead generation. We offer extensive research and continuous monitoring of your campaign to ensure you get as much value as possible from every single penny you put in.