Website browsing is a major port of call on a customer’s journey of product exploration. At all stages of the brand and product consideration, websites influence the decision and purchase phases and allow initial brand and product research. A professional and well strategised website representation of a brand often contributes directly to closing the sale.


As with any marketing channel, a website can only be as good as the planning that has gone into it, so understanding your business in totality is the first priority in website development.


Breadbox website developers map out the details so that your website is user friendly, and the customer can use the site to access information as efficiently as possible. Your clear brand strategy drives all aspects of the website design and development, starting with scoping and leading to site map development to facilitate the optimum user experience testing.


One of the most user friendly and adaptable all-rounder platforms is the WordPress platform, but other platforms may be recommended by our web specialists who may also suggest more robust or specialised platforms like; Shopify, Magento, Laravelle and many more.


We suggest a platform to suit your brand, taking into consideration the volume of traffic and your site objectives.  Animations, dynamic forms, and strong calls to action can take a website to the next level and a considered design will engage users and encourage them to act.  A content management system is usually recommended so that management of the site can be transferred in-house once the design and development is completed, especially if budgeting is imperative.


A responsive website design will ensure that your website functions effectively, converting on all screen sizes and website browsers from desktop to mobile and everything in-between.


One of the keys to the long-term success of a brands website is the maintenance and marketing that continues post website launch.  This may include optimising the content, utilising complimentary channels to drive new customers to your site, updating and improving content, website security, monitoring and reporting and of course online marketing.