Social Media Strategy
Carton & Co


Carton and Co. launched their new water product to the consumers of Australia after a journey to America brought about a light-bulb moment for founder, and sustainability enthusiast, Cindy.


Sold in a bio-degradable, compostable, BPA free carton, the Carton and Co. water is a lighter choice when it comes to disposable water products. The reduction of plastic in the ocean became a focal point for the brand; however, after Breadbox Marketing were engaged to review the brand messages and launch an online awareness campaign, further brand benefits were uncovered and sent to the target audience group.


The team at Breadbox Marketing strategised a social media plan which included channel planning, message hierarchy information, and strengthened target audience insights.

The resulting plan was then taken further with:

  • Social media posts and hashtag ownership
  • Online viral strategy ideas
  • Public Relations
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising


The Facebook and Instagram ad spend was initially used to feed the same audience group four different ads in order to appeal to four different purchase triggers. The data gained from this activity meant that the campaign was improved and able to move into the higher purchase season, summer, with a statistically proven creative direction.


It sure is a bit of water for thought *pun intended*.


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