Breadbox makes Good Girls Muesli even better.

Good Girls Wholefoods is a local West Australian muesli company with a rich history and health at its heart. Launched several years ago, the hand-made, nutritious and naturally sweetened muesli stayed true to its local roots for many years by keeping its niche small and its growth manageable.

Understanding the power of strong branding, the owners knew they had to find an affordable and yet effective marketing option for their ambitious start-up. They engaged the help of strategic marketing agency Breadbox Marketing to position Good Girls Wholefoods’ muesli range to stand out amongst the growing and increasingly competitive marketplace and help attract the affluent customer – a discerning target audience that values their health and gourmet tastes.

The agency recommended a cost-effective digital marketing plan aimed at growing brand awareness. They supported this in store with targeted point-of-sale, such as shelf talkers, display signage, taste tests and packaging that communicated visually their ‘natural’ and ‘hand-made’ propositions.

“The end result, is testament to the fact that you can find creative ways to take a product to market and reach your audience effectively without  the traditional blanket approach of mass media,” said Emma Potter Director of Breadbox Marketing (pictured). “If you don’t have a large pool of money to throw at a new brand launch, you can certainly throw a carefully planned brand positioning, meticulous targeting, some creative PR and strong business development focus.”

Potter said Good Girls Wholefoods has swiftly grown in its short life-cycle, securing a quick and loyal uptake amongst its audience

“The range of muesli’s and breakfast toppers is now available in over 40 high-end IGA and local grocery stores in Western Australia and has achieved a great number of repeat purchases and sales; a wonderful result far exceeding the initial, small investment.”