Breadbox launches Smart Homes for Living Campaign.

How do you make customers feel ‘smart’? This was the question Breadbox Marketing and PR asked at the inception of the ‘All the Smarts’ campaign for client, Smart Homes for Living.
Faced with a crowded and flat market, Breadbox and Smart Homes for Living worked together, to give the power back to the customer.
Breadbox’s Strategic and PR team worked closely together to identify, via research, what Smart Homes for Living customers valued most. Guided by the strategic insight that followed, the creative team developed the ‘All the Smarts’ idea – a customer centric idea with the goal of respecting their audience’s intelligence.
The Breadbox team included agency founder and Director, Emma Potter, with strategy led by Potter, creative led by Dav Tabeshfar, PR directed by Lauren Kelly, art direction by James Thompson, and account management by Jess Laing.
“The campaign is about showing Smart Homes for Living’s customers that their individual needs are recognised and that everyone brings something different to the table,” said Potter. “In such a crowded space it’s a challenge to stand out from the crowd. We believe this campaign puts the spotlight on Smart Homes customers’ while allowing the client to showcase their skills and services.”
Marketing and Sales Manager at Smart Home for Living, Adam Schaal said, “We know that everyone has things they are better at than others and we want to celebrate those. We want our customers to know we value their smarts, whether it be cooking smarts, people smarts, streets smarts – they are all valued.”
The branding campaign was designed for digital advertising, social media, influencer engagement, TVC, and public relations.