Breadbox launches ‘Know your Eggs’ campaign for Golden Eggs.

How well do you really know your eggs? In light of the recent controversy caused by local producers passing off caged eggs as free range, Breadbox Marketing & PR joined forces with respected egg producer Golden Eggs to sort the ‘free range’ from the ‘barn laid’, without judgement.

Strategic Director, Emma Potter said the strategy identified that customers were confused, with research showing that many consumers didn’t even understand what free range meant.

“To further complicate the matter, 60% of the market still want the cheapest eggs and these are cage farmed. The brand wanted to promote their growing free range capacity, whilst respecting the needs of a broader market.”


“Despite farming method, the brand truth was that Golden Eggs are the good guys with the highest standards and an open approach”, said Potter.

Breadbox positioned Golden Eggs as the egg company doing the right thing and saw an opportunity for the company to educate consumers about the industry, while also taking ownership of good practice. The extended research phase of the process revealed customers were confused in this space and were even experiencing anxiety around their egg choice, therefore the need for a brand to lead education was paramount.

‘Know Your Eggs’ was launched to highlight facts about eggs and provide clarity for the next time customers scratch their heads in the egg aisle. The campaign has been executed through a brand refresh, packaging, TV & Radio, schools PR integration, sponsorship of the City to Surf run and social media.


With a focus on transparency, Golden Eggs aims to educate consumers and provide them with the tools to make the best purchasing decisions for their family.

The new website,, hosts a range of answers to an assortment of questions – from the pros and cons of cage, barn and free-range eggs, the difference between the sizes and how to store eggs once you get them home. Customers will also have access to simple, healthy and delicious recipes – perfect for introducing eggs into any meal.

“Golden Eggs wants to encourage an open, authentic conversation about eggs and believes the ‘Know Your Eggs’ campaign will offer frank, honest advice about egg types and take every opportunity to remind shoppers that whichever egg type they choose, Golden Eggs work to the highest industry standards of care”, said Potter.

Strategy: Emma Potter
Public Relations: Lauren Kelly
Creative Director: Dav Tabeshfar
Art Director: James Thompson
Account Manager: Sophie Brandsma
Production: Sandbox Productions
Producer: Clint Logan, Sandbox Productions
Director: Richard Vilensky
Wardrobe: Kylie Clifford