Breadbox launches healthier menu for Sweetlips WA.

A new brand strategy hinged on a healthier menu for Sweetlips Fish Bar this month. Previously Sweetlips Fish and Chips, the local icon will capitalise on its local premium fish range and a new fresh, healthy menu.
The brand faced unique challenges, with the fish and chip market facing declines as more diverse, healthy and cost effective fast food options enter the market.  The brand challenge was to take fish and chips from a once a month option, to at least once a week.  Breadbox worked with Sweetlips to create a brand more accessible to a higher end audience, and provide options for both lunch and dinner.


With the store looking to franchise, a sustainable brand model was on the menu. And with healthy being the word on everyone’s lips, Breadbox worked closely with Sweetlips, Creative Director Andrew Tinning and Food Consultant Kate Flower to ensure that permission was granted to ‘hook into healthy’.
The new strategy, aims to own the share food space, with a focus on ‘shareworthy’ meals with a healthier edge to add some freshness and diversity to our much-loved fish and chips.
The new brand brings fish the front, with a new ‘Fish your way’ concept that allows customers to choose their WA caught fish first, have it cooked the way they want it and add a new range of sides as per their tastes.
The menu was developed by Breadbox and Kate Flower in close collaboration with Sweetlips to capitalise on the latest food trends, raw, local, seasonal, and ocean to plate.
“The result we hope is a more challenging, interesting and nutritious menu including poke bowls, fresh seasonal salads, grilled fish tacos, seafood tasting plates and of course also keeping the traditional fish and chips,” said owner Michael Waldock.
“We are so excited to be able to work with a local icon like Sweetlips, and across all aspects of the business, including most importantly the overarching strategy, brand, menu development, interiors, food styling, photography, sales and service and more” said Emma Potter, Managing Director of Breadbox Marketing & PR.
The new campaign will launch on billboards and bus backs, digital and a PR launch offering customers a free taste-test of the new menu.
Planner: Emma Potter
Creative Director: Andrew Tinning
Graphic Designer:  Katie Scheer
Account Manager:  Jess Laing
PR Manager: Brooke Shepard
Menu Development/ stylist:  Kate Flower
Photography:  Ridhwaan Moola