Irresistible to open!

It’s not junk mail if someone needs it. Direct mail marketing can often get a bit of a bad rap; however, the days of dated brochures and flimsy flyers are gone and the word of direct mail has evolved into a creative opportunity just like any other.


This medium can be a very cost-effective marketing tool; getting a brand into the homes and hands of potential customers. Targeted addressed, unaddressed direct mail, or letterbox drops are all available options and it is our job to ensure minimal wastage by creating targeting, eye-catching direct mail campaigns that resonate with the audience.


Just like all other marketing endeavours, direct mail marketing starts with a strategy which then drives the artwork, the targeting, the supporting campaign; even the size and number of pages or folds. Each decision is carefully considered to make people stop and pay attention.


Today, direct mail is not just about letterboxes, it is (as the name suggests) a way of reaching people directly, and these days that also means via their digital mailboxes. We will translate your offline direct mail into an online format through email marketing, e-newsletters and e-flashes.


We manage direct mail or ‘DM’ from start to finish as part of your bigger marketing plan. Getting the timing right is the key to delivering an effective direct mail campaign – it can be costly if done at the wrong time, but we can help get it right. DM works best for a brand that is established and has other marketing initiatives solidly in place. From design, copywriting, database selection and maintenance, to print and delivery.


When done well, direct mail marketing is still considered one of the most effective ways to market a business. Contact our team start getting some creative solutions for your direct mail marketing.